I’m Gonna See The Folks I Dig…

Photo by Moses Pendleton

Look what our friend Moses saw in the snow!  Do you see it? The dog? It’s a dog, barking.

Hey! How are you guys?  I don’t think I’ve ever gone this long without blogging.  I’ve received some frantic emails from readers and the other day, a very lovely Lynn, who has never commented here, introduced herself to me in our local market and asked my why I haven’t been blogging.  I get a little excited when I meet people who read my blog, so I chatted her up in the store, then chatted her up in the parking lot and then I actually made her come over to my car so she could meet Gomer and Holly (she was very polite, but I saw her glance at her watch a few times).  Well, it’s nice to be missed, and no, I am not ill, nor have I died, though I do suffer from bouts of this, but that’s nothing new.  I’ve just been working on some final (I hope they’re final) revisions of my novel, and I’ve been reading and exercising the horses and exercising the dogs.  Doing the radio show. That’s about it.

Oh, and we’re moving to California.

Okay, we might move to California. Some day.

Moving to California probably sounds like a rather sudden and impulsive idea, but in fact it’s something I’ve been thinking about since yesterday, so I’ve really had time to weigh all the pros and cons and have now logged about 28 consecutive hours looking at real estate online, and I think I’ve seen all I need to see. It’s GORGEOUS in California. Did you guys know this? Also, our son Jack is out there now, finishing his last semester of film school, so we started orienting ourselves west, the moment he left for the airport.  He moved there in January, and though we never saw him when he was in Boston, we felt then, that he was nearby.  I guess we’ve never been so far removed, geographically, from either of our children and one of us has had a hard time adapting. One of us flew out to LA with Jack and hung around the new apartment while he moved in, then kept inviting him for dinner. Then that same one of us kept scheduling meetings and writing sessions in LA and,in fact, that one of us is back in LA this week (dining with Jack tonight).  Yes, Denis has been stalking Jack.  Devin and I are joining them next weekend. Dev is also a film major and it occurred to me that she might end up in Los Angeles as well, so, just out of curiosity I decided to have a peek at some real-estate listings online.  And that’s where I’ve been for the past 28 hours.

I’ve decided, if we do live in LA, we will live in a canyon. Like Joni Mitchell.  And we’re going to grow herbs and take up yoga and instead of being an EMT, I’ll become one of those people who does energy work, because I have a lot of energy and why not put it to work?  I’ll heal people with my chakra (okay, I have no idea what chakra is but I think I have it, in spades). I just feel very good vibes about some of the places I have seen in this canyon.  Some of the homes are really earthy and stuck in a kind of 1970s time-warp. Just really groovy.  I was looking at this  funky, run-down ranch and reading about all the so-called rock & roll legends who had lived there or slept there or just mellowed out there and I actually could smell marijuana coming from my computer screen. I think I got a contact high.  So, you know, why not have a look at a few places when we’re out there next week?  What’s the harm?  I just want to see if they really do smell like pot or not. That’s all.

Does anybody have any idea what the title of this post means?  Does anybody know the words that follow? If you do, you’ll get why I have such a romantic idea about being a lady of the canyon.

Now, here’s Holly, to remind us that Spring is coming to New England.




  1. I can attest to the benefits of living in Southern CA. The weather is warm today, my lemon and orange trees are blossoming, the blossoms are fragrant. And the pruned roses are starting to bloom. I’m not claiming this geographic location of the US is heaven on earth, but it has its good aspects. Moses saw a barking dog in the photo? At first I could not tell at all, but yes, I do see it.


  2. I’ll even kiss a sunset pig
    California – I’m coming home……Gotta love Joni Mitchell!

    Sounds like a lot of fun stalking the kids, Has Jack weighed in yet about Mom and Dad moving out there??? LOL

    So glad you’re back – I almost wrote you today looking for you!!!!

  3. Will you kiss a sunset pig?

  4. oh good, someone to buy this place: http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/308216/20120302/dick-clark-home-malibu-sale-flintstones.htm

    ever since I saw it I’ve been picturing a very mellow dick clark puttering around in his loin cloth, making some coffee. of course I have no idea where Malibu is, so maybe it’s not in a canyon, but it looks like it’s made of canyon.

  5. Please don’t bloglist me for this but—Real Housewives of the Canyon!? (Only kidding…)

  6. Dan Haag says:

    turning hollywood?! latest sign of armaged

  7. Well here’s hoping you keep the house in CT, too, so when you get hungry from smelling all of that pot you can come back here to have some toast.

  8. I’d move to Santa Monica tomorrow if I could. You can keep your horses with may pal Jen. http://www.epicstables.com/

  9. Um, I think New England is in yr. family bones. And maybe you should let your kids breathe out there for a few years. But you know, NY, CT and SoCal are not mutually exclusive for fortunate people. Talk to me about it again after a warm late spring night at the Eyesore. We are having a little late winter chilly snap right now.

    I also saw you in the local market & drugstore yesterday afternoon in your barn boots, but I would no more talk to you than go parachute jumping. You guys must get accosted and gawked at all the time by random punters on the street; this is New England and we don’t do that sort of thing.

    • Wait, now I’m trying to replay my visits to the market and pharmacy to see if I can reveal to myself the mysterious CB. Brain fog too thick. DAMN! Next time say hi. I won’t embarrass you by blogging about it.

  10. Joni Mitchell’s love song about Laurel Canyon! You should have some great weather for your visit. It’s 4:45 PM, and it’s close to 90 degrees. Nice, gentle breeze coming up from the coast. It is supposed to cool down, but will still be nice.

    Love Moses’ picture. I do see the barking dog. And of course, the picture of Holly amongst the hydrangea is adorable!

  11. CB’s post got me thinking: What is the proper etiquette when one comes across someone who participates on the same blog or some other internet forum?

    My guess is such occasions are rare. For myself I would simply introduce myself and say hello.

    I did become acquainted with someone online over 10 years ago and occasionally eat dinner with her to catch up on what’s going on in each other’s lives.


  12. Aislinn says:

    I love California. It is undeniably beautiful. The people seem friendly. Everybody’s healthy. I think house-hunting in CA would be thrilling. It seems that everybody buys and sells real estate after every divorce, so there’s always a fabulous home on the market.

    We’ll miss having you in the ‘hood, mind you. As long as you keep blogging, it’s all good.

    I see the barking dog too!

  13. lin Dineen says:

    Oh my gosh, you really did mention me in your blog. Chatting with you was the highlight of my day, and meeting Gomer and Holly, well, what can I say. Next time maybe you will let me hug Gomer and of course, Holly.

    Your car reminds me of mine – all comfy cozy for your dogs. My friends laugh at mine b/c I keep a supply of dog bones in a bowl on the back seat which a few dogs in our neighborhood have discovered and run down my driveway to stand by the door to get treats.

    Wonderful meeting you, and I never looked at my watch, I enjoyed every minute talking to you!!!


  14. Cynthia Stoddard says:

    Ann: I’ve lived in Southern California my whole life (57 years) with one 7 year detour in New Orleans when was a young woman in my 20’s. I’ve lived in Santa Barbara for most of the past 40 years. It’s a bit pricey here but DO NOT miss checking it out. It was 80 degrees today and I watched dolphins playing in the surf from a cliff above a beach. There are plenty of canyons, mountain trails, beaches, and everything in between. Lots of culture here as it is a university town. Great art museum, thriving theater scene. The arts are greatly appreciated here. Would LOVE to have some Learys in good old SB. Come check us out! Contact me if you ever make it here and I would love to give you a personal tour of the hidden treasures and wonderful things I have discovered in my home sweet home. ALSO, VERY dog and horse friendly town. There is an entire property at the beach dedicated to dogs off leash. I better stop now 🙂

  15. Cynthia Stoddard says:

    P.S. Still a lot of lands to see, but I wouldn’t want to stay here, it’s too old and cold and settled in its ways here….Ah but California, California I’m comin’ home! Make me feel good rock and roll band, I’m your biggest fan……

  16. Laura T. from NJ says:

    I’ve been missing your posts too, glad all is well.
    I think we will have the same situation as you. Older son is in school in Maryland, computer science major, designs video games. Is getting recruited by west coast companies. Younger son is a film major in Mass. (same school as Jack) and he has his eyes on LA, of course. My husband is already speaking of moving west. I don’t want to move west! But then again, I don’t want to be that far from my boys. I love the east coast, grew up here. Have a house at my favorite beach here. My friends, old and new are here. I am so torn! Ann, do you want to move there? I wish I did. You probably have friends out there though, due to the business Denis is in.
    Oh, yes, I saw the dog’s face as soon as I logged on your website, I hadn’t even read anything yet. Love it!
    Lori- That Dick Clark’s house is something else! I can’t even imagine anyone living there (what a thought, Dick Clark in a loin cloth).

  17. I have been California dreaming too…

  18. I see the dog, looks like a German shepard. I was hoping you would post an MP photo. As several have already mentioned, Joni Mitchell, got to love her. I have never been to CA so I can’t comment on the beauty out there, but I think you should use caution and just wait to see where your birds land when they actaully leave the nest, you never know. Theres no place like home. But we can blog from the east coast or west coast, just keep blogging, I honestly missed you. Hope you are happy with the rewrite. Love the pic of Holly in the hydangras, I am so longing to work in my yard. Day light savings time this weekend, yipee…

  19. LDufour says:

    Glad you’re back to your blog. Wahhhhhhhh, can’t you just buy a house in Cali but keep the one in CT? Not to be a killjoy but no one has mentioned earthquakes. I lived in Alaska and they are not pleasant. It is my considered opinion (and I don’t even know you both personally lolllll) that you and Denis are die-hard New Englanders. Will Denis still root for his beloved Red Sox and Bruins? Will you take the horses?

  20. LDufour says:

    Glad you’re back to your blog. Wahhhhhhhh, can’t you just buy a house in Cali but keep the one in CT? Not to be a killjoy but no one has mentioned earthquakes. I lived in Alaska and they are not pleasant. It is my considered opinion (and I don’t even know you both personally lolllll) that you and Denis are die-hard New Englanders. Will Denis still root for his beloved Red Sox and Bruins? Will you take the horses?

  21. Betsy Madlem says:

    I saw the dog, too! What a creative eye Moses has.

    In a selfish vein, the thought of Mr. and Mrs. Leary leaving the East Coast for the West Coast makes me ineffably sad.

  22. I moved to S CA from CT in my 20s and have only regreted not living closer to my parents when they were alive. Today is so warm you could be swimming or playing tenis.

    The canyons are very private and beautiful…plus Denis partner Peter Tolan lives east/west coast. You can enjoy what both coasts offer. There are lots of great foreclosures. It made me feel sad but I bought one in Sept at the bottom and the prices are starting to go up

  23. Anyone moving always makes me sad. I am sure California is beautiful. I would follow your blog even if you moved, but I do love the CT references.
    Keep the New England place if you move!
    I saw the dog before I read the caption. If only I could make a living seeing things that are imaginary.

  24. Catherine says:

    I hate change, but if you decide to move, I vote for Santa Barbara. I think it offers the best of everything for you and your animals, plus it is a close drive to LA. Of course, Malibu would be awesome as well.

    And regarding running into someone you’re a fan of…years ago I was in a Trader Joes in Culver City (across from the Sony lot) when all of a sudden it was like all the air was sucked out of the place. You could have heard a pin drop. I turned around to see what was going on and saw Julia Roberts with Jason Patrick (her boyfriend at the time). It was surreal. After they left, it was like the world started up again. So interesting.

  25. michelle says:

    Gosh I haven’t been on the blog for a while due to lots of work, family and school. California dreaming? March on the East Coast is so hard to take – so close to Spring, but not …yet… I vote for Laguna Beach. So glad to hear your novel is going well.

  26. The Monterey Bay area is gorgeous, Pacific Grove, Carmel etc……

  27. If you lived in LA, today’s post would’ve been called “I Feel the Earth Move” after the earthquake this morning.

  28. Ann, I never thought I would leave New England but after visiting Napa Valley last year I am ready to head out to California. It was just so wide-open and sunny and warm, I could feel my heart expand! I’ve only been to Southern California once and it is also lovely, but Napa…wow, I was hooked!

  29. I lived in LA from from 1988 through 1999 and for about 5 of those years in Topanga Canyon. It was excellent. Today’s fire suppression tools are vastly superior to what was going on even then. You could totally do it. Also evacution drills are KEY. If you really really practice and know the routes (fairgrounds for keeping livestock etc) you can do it. I was there for some serious fires and the horses that got out the quickest (and people) where people that took it seriously, didnt dilly dally and actually PRACTICED the drills. Preparation — things in the trailer packed and ready always etc. Topanga lets you drive PCH to the big city or go valley route and take the 101. I think that area is the best for horses (and dogs). Mandeville is too crowded for horses, but you can find nice horse properties albeit small.

    I was there for Northridge and the King riots — you can handle it. Id rather deal with that then the Roger Petit family murders. that stuff is scarier.

    You can drive to ski area’s in the AM and be back in LA at evening. and not even Big Bear, there are some nice small ski areas in the Angeles Crest mountains (Mt. Waterman, think vermont hills) and drive by the ocean at sunset. The obsession with money, looks, and youth are a bit hard. I know you guys are rock stars but its ALWAYS competition about being hot, being sexy, being rich, being the bigger name, the bigger star. even the barrista is keeping score. that is what eventually drove me away

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