A few little films

I am really working hard on my new book and have not been able to blog like I used to. But I have a new obsession. It’s called Vine. It’s an app. A free app.  You make these little videos, and they’re like little gifs, I guess. I’m not exactly sure what a gif is. But the videos are fun. Here’s one. You have to click on the sound icon in the corner to get the full effect of these minor masterpieces:


And another:

Okay, one more:


  1. Fun. Thanks for sharing!
    Saw a horse that looked like Zidane swimming at Steep Rock one day with his buddies (and their riders).
    Very cool. Horses and people all enjoying the deep water.

  2. Catherine says:

    Cool stuff! More new technology! I just cannot keep up with this stuff. I’m glad I have you to keep me up to speed – ha!

  3. Aislinn says:

    I love your writing process!!!

    • Ann Leary says:

      Thanks! I’m doing it now. I have a deadline for an article that I have not started. And here I am!

  4. I think your ADD is kicking in :))

    Is it getting that hot up there already????? We are hitting the 100 degree mark now in central TX :( My horses stand under the oak tree that has misters running 24/7. It really helps to keep them cool.

    Hope you are having a great summer so far!

    • Ann Leary says:

      Is it muggy in your part of Texas, Sandy? Ours is a sopping wet heat. It actually keeps pouring rain and then getting hotter. Yuck

  5. Twitter owns Vine; Facebook owns Instagram. In response to the soaring growth of Vine, Instagram now has 15 second video sharing. Let the games begin. (Not you; you just keep writing).

    • Ann Leary says:

      Oh man, I wish I didn’t know that. I like to think some kid came up with this app and made a gazillion dollars

      • Well, they just bought it last year from the founders, who are three young guys from NY, if that makes you feel better.

  6. It looks very cool! That’s just what I need, another obsession. Right now I’m obsessed with Pinterest…huge time suck! Thankfully, I hate twitter which leaves room for Vine. Yup, thanks, Ann!

  7. Great to see a new post on your blog; pictures or video of your beautiful 4-legged family members are always appreciated! Looking forward to your next book…

  8. I woke up very early one morning and couldn’t get back to sleep so I pulled out my i phone (my best cure for insomnia). I decided to check out Vine that my 13 downloaded and (ooops!) forgot to close.
    One hour later I was still glued to the phone watching the videos….

  9. Don’t feel bad. I didn’t know what a “gif” was either so I asked my twelve year-old to tell me. Definitely going to give the app a try (with seventh grade help, of course).

  10. Personally, I prefer your long-form videos…more opportunities for character development, compelling story lines, and better production values. On the other hand, if this is what it takes to get a new blog entry from you, I’m all for it.

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  12. licorice

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  13. Love the horse splashing the water video! Like that in the commercial says, We want more, we want more :0)

  14. Ann,

    Thanks for the post, I really do miss the blog. Hope you are not flooded out, please stay in touch.


  15. Just got back from vacation and thought I would check on the blog,, great to see a new entry and the vine de o’s. So glad you are working on a new book!! I don’t know where you find the time for everything.

  16. These videos make my grin. My horse loves the fan in the barn aisle too. And to be ridden in the sprinklers.

  17. *me

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