Let’s Have a Contest

9781250043030_p0_v3_s260x420 The Good House is available in paperback, today.  You can buy it at Target, which has chosen it as their October Book Club pick.  They actually published a special edition with extra content, questions and stuff. It’s also at B&N, BJ’s, Costco, Amazon and most bookstores, but if you want a really special edition, why not call my friend Fran at the Hickory Stick Bookshop?  I’m in the Hickory Stick all the time, poking around. If you would like me to personalize a copy for you or a friend, you can call Fran at 860-868-0525, or email her using the link above.  She will then call me and I’ll scoot over there and sign your book and she’ll send it off to you.

OR, you can get a free personalized copy of this book by taking this little quiz.  The first ten people who answer all the questions correctly will get a FREE copy of The Good House!  Regular blog readers will have a slight advantage here, because all the answers are someplace in the blog.  Okay, ready?

1)  Ann used to blog almost daily, but now she rarely updates the thing at all.  This is because:

a) She is lazy

b) She is in the middle of writing a new novel

c) The weather has been beautiful, when she’s not writing, she’s outdoors. This winter she’s going to blog her ass off

d) All of the above

2) Here’s a video of our son dog.

His name is:

a) Peanut

b) Yogi

c) Bootsie

d) Gomer

3)  The Good House is about:

a) Our great Government, specifically the House of Representatives who work so well together

b) A magical house that helps a family understand what love is really all about

c) A drinker, real estate,  love affairs, horses, dogs, New England

d) A drug-addicted doctor named House, who is good, but bad

4) I wrote in this blog about how a sort of terrorist group once tried to destroy our lives. Our enemy was/is:

a) Al Qaeda

b) The Symbionese Liberation Army

c) The IRA

d) The IRS

e) Mice

5) Our favorite daughter dog Holly is very talented. She knows how to:

a) Ride a skateboard

b) Make love to inanimate objects

c) Balance on a ball

d) Ride a paddleboard

e) Attack gentle large dogs

f) Melt hearts

g) All of the above

6) Ann is wondering if:

a) The NSA has her on some kind of list because she mentioned Al Qaeda on this blog entry

b) The words “Al Qaeda” would be considered terrorist  “chatter?

c)  She should find a different question

d) None of the above

e) All of the above


Well, that’s it. If you are in the first ten, I’m sending you a book!










  1. D,D,C,E,G,E!

  2. Wendy from Wisconsin says:

    B,D, C,E,G,E.

    Since I already have a signed copy of the book, you can pass me by, as I just wanted to participate. Hope you are doing well!! Also, I just downloaded my camera and found the pictures of us from your book tour, and the pictures from the Rome airport. I’ll try to remember to post them one of these days.

  3. Rachel Rothe says:

    D, D, C, E, G, C

  4. Rachel Rothe says:

    D, D, C, E, G, E

  5. Michele Cardiza says:

    D, D, C,E, G, E

  6. D,D,C,E,G,E

    I love a good contest!

  7. Jane Heir says:

    D, D, C, E, G, E

    I promise I did not look at anyone else’s answers.

  8. Michele Cardoza says:


    Actually spelled my own name incorrectly the first time :/

  9. Jill in MN says:

    D, D, C, E, G, E

  10. D, D, C, E, G, E. Haha I spelled my own name wrong too but I corrected it. And now I’m wondering if the NSA is putting me on as list for following your blog.

  11. Ann Leary says:

    Hey, no copying!

  12. D, D, C, E, G, E,

    Ha ha ha ha!!!! Really enjoyed this. 🙂

  13. Alternate correct answer for #6 :

  14. Or:

    C. Actually I meant C.

  15. Jacki Dempsey says:

    1) d 2) d 3) c 4) e 5) g 6) e

  16. Pat Finnerty says:

    I know the contest is over, but wanted to participate in the fun:
    i think we all know you too well, Ann!

  17. Mary Elizabeth Peck says:

    I LOVE GOMER!! oh, ok, I loved the book, too!!!

  18. OK, I already have and read the book, but I want to let you know that my sisters and I are going to have a book club with your book as soon as they are all done reading it.

  19. B,D,C,E,G, AND E

    Would love a copy since I could not make it to the Hickory Stick in March!!!!

  20. 1.D 2.D 3. C 4. E 5. G 6. E

  21. ddcege…..already have a signed copy, but wanted to play! Hope all is well – seems I saw a pic of Zidane running away from home

  22. D,D,C,E,G,E

    I have a kindle copy but have regretted not getting the book” Especially because I love the cover.

  23. B (&C), D, C, E, G, E – For #1- You are certainly not lazy! For #6, it’s definitely E since you are self proclaimed ADD. Hope the new book is going smoothly!

  24. Just took a peek at your blog to get caught up, between clients, and again you made me laugh. Thank You, having a particularly tough day today.

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